Mitsubishi Electric’s HVDC-Diamond® Verification Facility at Itami Works in Japan

Mitsubishi Electric successfully constructed and commissioned a fully functional back-to-back HVDC facility at its Itami Works campus near Osaka, Japan. The 12,500 square foot test facility, which as put into service in November 2018, is an impressive showcase of Mitsubishi Electric’s HVDC-Diamond® technology.

The verification facility at Itami Works features a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) type 50 MW, 21 kVDC back-to-back HVDC-Diamond® system. This system uses modular multi-level converter (MMC) configuration of series connected submodules. These submodules feature Mitsubishi Electric’s industry-leading X Series high-voltage insulated gate bipolar transistor (HVIGBT) devices. The modular configuration of the submodules makes HVDC-Diamond® scalable for a wide range of power capacities. 

This state-of-the-art facility performs a number of important functions. First, it serves as a fully interactive demonstration center for customers. Visitors will receive a full tour of the facility and presentations by Mitsubishi Electric’s subject matter experts. Tour content can be tailored to the customers’ interests to focus on specific topics such as general technical education, system operation and performance, or hands-on equipment training.

Secondly, the Itami Verification Facility is a robust testbed that validates Mitsubishi Electric’s HVDC control and protection systems and accommodates continual HVDC product development. These testing capabilities allow Mitsubishi Electric to closely monitor the performance of all aspects of the HVDC system. In order for potential customers to understand how their HVDC system will react to real-world scenarios, the Verification Facility allows for system response validation to a variety of fault conditions and operational modes.

Mitsubishi Electric extends an open invitation to potential customers who are interested to learn more about the features and benefits HVDC-Diamond® technology. While travel restrictions may currently be in effect, Mitsubishi Electric can arrange for a virtual tour of the facility and discussion with our HVDC subject matter experts on any topics of interest. Mitsubishi Electric is proud to offer HVDC-Diamond® as a key technology to guide our world toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.